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Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks

You may want to know, what’s the story of “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks”?  Here is the synopsis:

A traditional Chinese father (Huang) visits his ill son (Justin) cooped up at a “discount” hospital along with Justin’s boyfriend (Chris). Believing that homosexuality can be “cured”, Huang tries to teach Justin the birds and the bees, only to be rebuffed by Chris in song. Huang then resorts to a botched Chinese exorcism that awakens zombies, whom they must defeat by setting aside their own differences…

 This picture says it all, isn’t it? 

That’s not it.  To be honest, I can’t really define the genre of this film.

All I can say is that – it is a very Asian, Kung Fu driven, bloody zombie comedy, topped with a bit of gay and a bit of song and dance.

Don’t know what to expect? That’s what makes it fun, right ? Expect the unexpected.

By the way, the prop item our actor Elijah Rock is holding in the picture, disappeared on set after the first day of shoot. No one knew where it went. It’s no longer in the prop box the second day when our PA checked the box. If found, let us know.




Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks

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“Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks”, a film by Alex Chu, starring Derek Lui, Jim Lau, Elijah Rock, Paul Kwo, Rich Li and Martin DeBoer, is finally completed. We have begun our film festivals submission process. Stay tuned to our blog. We will have  updates, behind the scenes, interviews with our cast and crew happening here every week. Meanwhile, check out our “About the film”, “About the filmmaker”, “About the Cast” , “Cast and Crew Credits” pages. Of course, subscription to this page is definitely welcomed.