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Program of the 16th Seattle Lesbian and Gay Festival is now up online. “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” will be showing under the program – ATTACK OF THE MUSICALS together with other wonderful shorts.

Check out their website:

Q and A with Actor — Derek Lui

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1. Can you briefly describe your role?

I play Justin in “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks”. Raised by a traditional Chinese father, Justin is always conflicted with the traditional Chinese values and his identity as a young gay man. He loves his boyfriend Chris, but he doesn’t have the courage to come out to his father. One day his father finds out while he is in the hospital with his boyfriend. When the story unfolds and zombie appears, he has to grow up, face his challenge and settle the differences between his father and his lover and becomes the man he should be.

2. The film is a kung fu, musical comedy with zombies.. Do you feel like you are acting in different genres in one film?

I think that’s the fun of being an actor. One day, I was doing an over the top intimate scene with my scene partner, the next day I was fighting zombies. I had a car accident the week before the shoot, and my ligament was sprained, I was in constant back pain the entire week. However, when I was acting, the pain temporarily went away and I didn’t even feel it. I guess that’s the magic of acting. Our stunt coordinator, Martin de Boer is a very good friend of mine. He gave me a lot of support. We established a lot of trust with each other. And he choreographed in a way to minimize my pain during the shoot. To be honest, in the end, I didn’t even worry about it, I just wanted to do it well and do it right. It’s a very rewarding experience. 

3. Being a Chinese yourself, how do you feel about acting in two languages?

I speak Cantonese in the film with Jim Lau who plays my father, and speaks English to Elijah Rock who plays my boyfriend. Shifting languages is definitely a very fun challenge. This is the life of Justin. With his father, he speaks Chinese and lives like a Chinese. With his boyfriend Elijah, he lives slightly more American or even talks a bit differently. He grew up with two different culture values and he is trying to find the balance between the two as an Asian in America.   I am fortunate to work with the very experienced Jim Lau. Jim and I worked together in a commercial prior to this film, and he is a very giving person. He made many subtle choices to enrich the scene. Working with him inspired me.

4. How would your describe your experience in this film?

It’s a very great experience. Like our director Alex said, I think it is a collaborative effort. Elijah, Paul, Rich, Martin, Jim and I all play a part in this film to achieve Alex’s vision. Everyone is very great to work with. The Cast and crew is amazing. One of my costumes was a paper patient gown, and it kept breaking apart during the shoot. Our make up artist Jacky was so kind to spend a lot of time to make sure I wouldn’t go naked during the scene. It’s a very supportive environment and I have become friends with many of them after the shoot. I would like to work with them again.

Director Quentin Lee (“White Frog , “The People I’ve Slept With”) blogged about “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” at the popular site- .Check out his amazing post.

Good News! We have officially been accepted to our first film fest: the 16th Annual Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Oct 14-23)! And hopefully more in store!!!!!!

Our world premiere will be happening on Oct 19th, 2011 (Wednesday).

Meanwhile, check out our trailer.

Trailer is launched!

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Trailer of “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” is launched!

Q & A  with Director/Writer — ALEX CHU

1.         Why is the film titled “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks”?

The title came from a line of dialogue from one of the characters. As words, they convey the tone and heart of the film – a father trying to use fairy tale to make believe / fantasy to cope with the truth of his son.

2.         What inspired you to do this film?

I wanted to create a mash up of different genres – one that would be fun to make as it is to watch. Who doesn’t like zombies, kung fu, and musicals?

3.         As a first time director, how would you describe your experience?

It’s only inspired me to do more. I loved the whole process of bringing together a bunch of exceptionally talented people and having them contribute their skill and experience to make something that no one could ever do alone. There’s a fulfillment in that alone that goes beyond the storytelling.

4.         Describe your experience working with the actors.

There’s an old saying that casting is 90% of what makes an acting ensemble work. And this project certainly taught me that. It was a real gift to have actors who can really bring way more than what even I would’ve ever anticipated. I learned that when you cast highly skilled actors that fit the role and understand the sensibility and tone of what the story is about — there’s not much a director needs to do to direct the actors on set – beyond just the technical stuff (i.e. blocking for camera). Because all three actors (and actually all actors in this ensemble) were on the same page about the tone of this story, they were able to bring their skill and craft to shape their performances to suit the story – so as a director, I don’t have to worry at all about performance. That’s a real gift that may not always happen on every project.