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Nigah QueerFest 2011

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks”  got invited into another film festival. This time – Nigah QueerFest 2011 in India. We will be playing at the Indian Social Institute in New Delhi  on Nov19th (Saturday). We are so excited that “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” will be playing in India, Brazil, Hong Kong and New York this month.

“Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” will be playing at the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on Nov 20th and Nov 29th, 2011.


Program is now up online at 







Q and A with Actor Paul Kwo

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week, Paul Kwo who played Huo Gai in “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” , shares his experience with us.

1. Can you briefly describe your character?

Huo Gai at heart is a traveling salesman. At the sight of an opportunity, he would sell anyone anything or service requested. In “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks”, Huo Gai sold himself as an expert in Chinese exorcism despite having absolutely no knowledge of what it entails to Mr. Huang. He enlist his trusty, well no-so-trusty sidekick Gao Choi on this task of casting the gays out of Justin. The truth is Huo Gai doesn’t really care about anyone’s stance on anything, he just cares about making his money and possibly staying alive.

2. In the film, you and Rich Liu act as the Chinese exorcist buddies. How’s your experience working with him as a team?

Rich was an amazing actor to work with. Even at the callbacks, I instantly felt like we were truly a team who’ve been taking on odd jobs for years. It was fun with him becoming the bronze and I was the brain of the operation.

 3.Anything interesting happened during the filming of your scenes?

When I first saw the script, it had an old Chinese poem as a part of Huo Gai’s line and instantly I was reminded of all those old Chinese black and white movies that I used to watch when I was a kid. I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to play with especially being something that I rarely would come across. Finally when we shot the scene, it was just a blast screaming those words in that high pitch wailing voice at Derek, the lead actor who played Justin. It’s definitely something I never dreamed I would ever get to do. I mean who would write a script with that in it? Apparently Alex did.

Program of International Film Festival Manhattan is now up online.

“Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” will be playing with the feature film “Dr. Limptooth” starring Gary Cole and Julie Gonzalo.

And also the short film “Kim the Waitress”, directed by Scott Eriksson.

We feel very excited to screen with these two films  together.