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Q and A with actor Rich Liu

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week, Rich Liu who played Gao Choi in “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” , shares his experience with us.

1. Can you briefly describe your character?

Gao Choi is the younger brother of Huo Gai and is also new to the whole exorcism business. He’s an eager new rookie who’s willing to learn but unfortunately not particularly bright, which causes plenty of headaches for Huo Gai. His heart and intentions are in the right place, but he’s just slow on the uptake.

2. You have to fight very fiercely in the ending part of the film. How’s your experience filming that scene?

That scene took a LOT of work. I’m fortunate that I have some prior martial arts experience so I could pick up on the fight sequence relatively quickly, but I still had to practice all the moves on my own and rehearse them with Martin (the fight choreographer and the main zombie) multiple times just to make sure everything looked smooth. Luckily I had padding underneath my costume to protect myself during the scene so I wouldn’t hurt myself getting tackled into a wall or thrown on the ground. Despite getting knocked around like a rag doll though, I had a great time shooting the scene since it was the first fight scene I’ve filmed that was so intense and physical.

3. You and Paul Kwo play the Chinese exorcist buddies. What are the differences between the two characters? How would you describe your on-screen chemistry with Paul?

The on-screen chemistry with Paul was pretty instant, which made the comedy scenes very easy for me. I remember even during the callback we had a natural rapport, and I was able to play off of his movements during the exorcism scene, which I hope the audience will enjoy. As for the difference between the characters, I think Paul’s character is more of the experienced veteran, and my character is the wide-eyed newbie who’s just going along for the ride.