About the Film

Fortune Cookie                   Magic Tricks

A Film by Alex Chu


A traditional Chinese father struggles to cope with his son’s homosexuality, which then takes an absurd and comical turn for the worse…


A traditional Chinese father (Huang) visits his ill son (Justin) cooped up at a “discount” hospital along with Justin’s boyfriend (Chris). Believing that homosexuality can be “cured”, Huang tries to teach Justin the birds and the bees, only to be rebuffed by Chris in song. Huang then resorts to a botched Chinese exorcism that awakens zombies, whom they must defeat by setting aside their own differences…

Technical Information

Running Times : 10 minutes

Shot on Canon 5D

NTSC  © 2011

Official Selection -SeattleLesbian and Gay Film Festival

Official Selection – Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Official Selection – Mix Brasil Film Festival of Sexual Diversity

Official Selection – International Film FestivalManhattanNYC

Official Selection – Nigah Queer Fest,India

Official Selection – Out in the Desert- Tucson International LGBT Film Festival

Official Selection – San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

Official Selection – Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Official Selection – OUTFEST Fusion

Official Selection – New FilmMakers Los Angeles Festival


  1. Master Bob says:

    Just saw Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks here in Amsterdam and loved it. Thank you all! Bob

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