2 LA screenings in March

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‎”Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” is finally coming to LA. We will be playing at LA NewFilmakers Los Angeles Festival on Mar 20th (Tuesday) 8pm at Sunset Gower Studio and OUTFEST Fusion on Mar 24th (Saturday) 3pm at the Egyptian Theater. Tickets are now on sale. Click on the festival laurel to get tickets. Hope to see you there. 

Another great news! “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” has been selected by the NewFilmMakers Los Angeles Festival. We will be playing at the Sunset Gower Studio on Mar 20th (Tuesday) at Short Program #2 . Pre-reception starts at 7:30pm, Screening starts at 8pm, Q and A starts at 9:02pm, After-party starts at 9:20pm. Tickets are now on sale at their website.

Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2012

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The program of Melbourne Queer Film Festival is now online. “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” will be playing at the ACMI Cinemas at Melbourne on 18th March (Sun ) 2:15pm in companion with the feature film KAWA from New Zealand. Check out their website.

Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Official Selection: OUTFEST Fusion

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We are proud to be part of this year’s OUTFEST Fusion. And we love their festival laurel very much!!

OUTFEST – Fusion @ Mar 24th

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After playing at different film festivals around the World, we got accepted by a film festival here in Los Angeles, the birth place of our film. We are very excited to announce that “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” will be playing at the prestigious OUTFEST Fusion on Mar 24th (Sat), 3pm at the historic Egyptian Theater. Tickets are now on sale.  Click here to get tickets. Hope to see you there!

22nd Melbourne Queer Film Festival

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‎2012 has been a good year for “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks”. After screening at Seattle, New York, Hong Kong, New Delhi and Brazil last year, our film is heading to Tucson and San Francisco in the following weeks. And we just got another good news — We got accepted into the 22nd Melbourne Queer Film Festival. We will be playing at Melbourne, Australia on Mar 18th, 2012. (Sunday). Woohoo!

We got into another festival!  Woohoo!! This time -the 30th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Our film will be playing on Mar 11th and Mar 14th, 2012. Thank you SFIAAFF! Click here for ticketing and festival info. 

"Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks" @SFIAAFF

This week, Martin De Boer, who played the role Warren McBeck / Zombie shares his experience with us. Martin is also our fight choreographer.

1. Can you briefly describe your character?
Warren McBeck is a nurse at a quite remarkable hospital. A place where you don’t really want to go unless you really don’t have another option. His real passion is becoming a bone doctor, but since he dropped out of highschool, he enjoys MMA instead. A good friend of him hired him to work in the hospital.
2. Besides playing Warren McBeck, you were also the stunt coordinator of “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks”. The fight scene in the end looks amazing, what type of fighting style did you use?
I used a lot of MMA which is a combination of Kick Boxing and Grappeling. It’s a very popular style and you see it used all the time at UFC. For this film I made it a bit more flashy so it looks cool.
3. How did you manage to get other actors to fight like they know how to fight in the film?
We were fortunate to have cast people with a martial arts back ground. That really helped a lot. If people can pick up movements its not that complicated to make it look good. We rehearsed the fights so that everyone got used to the movements, and while shooting everyone did a great job.

 “Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks” will be screening on Feb 25th (9:50pm) at FLUXX Studio and Gallery in  Tucson, Arizona. Hope to see you there. For ticketing information, program and festival info, please visit Out in the Desert – Tucson’s International LGBT Film Festival official site.  We are very excited to have our Southwest Premiere at Tucson! 

Out in the Desert - Tucson LGBT International Film Festival Screening of "Fortune Cookie Magic Tricks"

Happy New Year! We are  excited to announce our first good news of 2012. We got accepted into “Out in the Desert 2012 – Tucson International LGBT Film Festival”. It’s their inaugural festival, and we are proud to be part of it. Arizona, we can’t wait to meet you. Our director Alex Chu will be there to meet the audience.